Beth Handler

Activist / Founder

Beth Handler is committed to empowering women to stand together through the challenges of life and to rise up in their power to live their true destinies.    

As a twin, in a family of 8 kids, one of 5 sisters, Beth sees life through the lens of "WE" and the power of a global sisterhood.  

Tragically, her twin David passed away from cancer at age 19.  The long grieving road put Beth on a journey throughout life to find peace and a purpose while living for two.  

As a publicist and producer, Beth has worked with activists, politicians, and celebrities in Hollywood and in Washington D.C.  She was a core team member to launch several worthy causes including the Global AIDS Alliance, Single Mom Planet, a host of peace projects, FarmAID, housing for the homeless, and the historic 'Housing Now!' march.

In recent years, she founded a media buying company and created a product called Cableblitz, which placed over 33 million local market cable TV ads.  

Beth's extensive media and advertising expertise garnered exposure to important causes and businesses.


Today, Beth is focusing her passions to empower women to create an inspiring new world through her membership community and programs offered through WE World.  

Stand With Us!